Tech packs

  • Need to analyse a quantitative composition of excipients for a biowaiver/starting a project?
  • Need to better understand the similarity of test vs reference before clinical testing?
  • Is there a problem with the OOS results (assay, content uniformity, purity testing, dissolution testing, stability)?
  • Are you unable to replicate the dissolution profile?
  • Do you need to stabilise the API?
  • Do you need to understand the mechanism of tablet dissolution?
  • Do you need to optimise the formulation process or its part?
  • Do you need full drug product development?
Labka is not just a database of advanced pharmaceutical tools, it is above all a team of professionals with many years of academic and industrial experience. Such setup leads to a very practical and highly scientific approach in solving any of the challenges coming from the pharmaceutical field. What I like the most is the immediate thorough investigation and full involvement of each member for every single detail of the project.

Standard and non-standard
experimental support

Preformulation and Formulation

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